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Is a collaboration between various practitioners of Homeopathy to provide an extensive repository of information on Homeopathy. Our goals place in one place a "jumping off point" to learn about Homeopathy and to record cases from all over the world. Homeopathy is a medical science that progresses and as the years go on, more is learned.

NOTE: On this Wiki, THE assumption is that Homeopathy is a valid system of medicine. Discussions on Validity of Homeopathy are planned for future. If you are a practitioner and would like to add to this knowledge (not debate), we welcome you to register and then you may publish according to our guideline. Any questions, please email


Our family started growing our own food to feed our family, and other folks contacted us wanting to purchase our foods. We discovered that homeopathy was the way for us to treat our animals, plants and people. Homeopathy fits our organic requirements and keeps or ranch healthy. As we began to share our successes with our customers, other Farmers, Ranchers and Friends we found others who needed a place to buy high quality remedies.