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Please donate to the Homeopathic Wiki

We are in continuing need of funds to pay for hosting our servers. We have set up a PayPal account to receive and accumulate your donations. Please send contributions to donate@wikiopathy.com thru Paypal.

You do not, however, actually need a PayPal account, you may mail a check to address below.

Donations Also Welcome By Check

Donations to Homeopathic Wiki may also be made by writing a check payable to Homeopathic Wiki and mailed to:

Turning Ranch, LLC
Attn: Wikiopathy
Box 265
Quinlan, Texas 75474

What will donations be used for

As we receive more funds we will use them in this order:

  • Pay for server space and time, expanding to meet demand
  • Pay for administrators and editors to expand the Wiki contend to hopefullu be the one GOTO place on web to start and continue knowledge of Homeopathy.

Future Plans

  • Eventually add more languages to Wiki.
  • When enough money is collected, Non-Profit Status will be applied for and a small staff will be employed.

Finacial Accountability

We will post a report of funds received and how they are used to those who donate.

NOTE: At this time, your contributions will NOT be income tax deductible because we are not yet registered as a non-profit organization. Donations are handled by a private company (Turning Ranch, LLC) in a PayPal account separate from the corporate accounts. If you are having any trouble with the above donation button, please let us know at donate@wikiopathy.com. Thank You!

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